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What design means to me

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What design means to me

I am a designer. I have been for a while now and will not trade it for anything else. Started…


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Once I was proud to say I can do almost anything. Today I believe one should specialize in a field in order to become truly good. Design is my field. In specific the conceiving of un-traditional ideas, thinking a little bit different, being brave.

I balance that with my practical experience, vigorous testing and careful analysis of humans’ interaction patterns. All good designs need to fit in within our world, its limits, regulations, conventions, expectations, variety and personal taste too.


In specific I…:

Master Abobe and Sketch

Deep understanding of UX practice and analysis, prototype (InVision)

Understand current code and capabilities

Have good research tools to dispose

Clear presentation skills

Great teamwork

Management experience

And passion. Bags of it.

What else you may want to know

Category : About

I don’t always work. I am a mum of two wonderful boys.
Me time is best spent seeing new art, a good drink with people I care about, and sleep.

I am originally from Israel. It means sun, good food, and the sea. The sea.

Being a keen learner I collected 2 master degrees. I enjoy studying and the academy. Constantly wants to know more.

Nature is a place I escape to when London is too much to handle. And a great source of inspiration.

And finally there is music. I tried playing few instruments. I didn’t get that far. So I am good at listening and dancing to the beat.